Tent Rope Regulating Buckle

Tent Rope Regulating Buckle

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A well thought in designing little marvel, having problems spanning your tent ropes to the perfect tension ? This is the ultimate problem solver. Fit most tent ropes and can be manually adjusted and ropes cut to ideal length within minutes. Don't be without a few of these to solve any outdoor rope emergency.

Tent Wind Rope Round Regulating Buckle

Outdoor Canopy Adjustable Length Fixing Ring

Mainly used in adjusting the length of the tent rope connection to use, flexible and can be easily adjusted and fixed brake rope length.

Outdoor tent necessary kit, easy and convenience to use.



Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Red

Size: Diameter: 18mm, Height: 8mm, Hole: 4mm, Thickness: 1mm


Package Contains:        

10 x Tent Circle Buckles