AOTU Duck Down Sleeping Bag

AOTU Duck Down Sleeping Bag

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Product description:

The ultra-lightweight materials, high-quality down and regular cut make this Compact Down Sleeping Bag a very comfortable lightweight sleeping bag.

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Brand: AOTU
Name: 1800 g Ultralight 3-Season Sleeping Bag
Color: Blue / Red
Weight: 2600 grams
Appearance Material: 320T waterproof anti-run cashmere import lattice nylon matt
Lining material: 320T ultra-fine anti-run loose breath piano
Filling material: 1800 grams of washed duck down
Expanded size: 220 * 80 * 55CM
Storage size: 43 * 25CM
Temperature standard: -15 degrees Comfortable temperature -35 degrees limit temperature

Cleaning steps and precautions:
1. Soak the sleeping bag in warm water, the water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees Celsius
2. Use feather special cleaning agent.
3. Please gently beat the beat, do not reverse.
4. After washing, rinse thoroughly with water until there is no soap foam.
5. After the rinse, the water will be slightly pressed out, and the sleeping bag will be placed in a well ventilated place
 "Dry" treatment
6. dry process, please constantly flip sleeping bags, to avoid feathers or all kinds of synthetic fiber kneading affect the sleeping bag bulky.
7. After handling the sleeping bag, you can return to the sleeping bag storage bag or dressing room for collection, and look forward to the next holiday!