Survival Bushcraft Paracord

Survival Bushcraft Paracord

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Description                                                                                                                             This is a strong and versatile paracord rope with as many uses as you can think of. Good quality and long lasting. Plus 7 colors to choose from

Excellent quality of this product, use a very wide field, but not for professional use climbing rope. New seven-core umbrella rope according to GB standard production, imports of equipment around the system, good quality and a diameter of about 4 mm, single rope static tension at 300 pounds. Rope tightly round the body quite textiles, surface texture is quite detailed, very good wear resistance, not fluff after frequent friction, outdoor players essential supplies.

Total length: 20 ft
Weight: about 200 grams
Minimum breaking strength: 550 lb
Core yarns: 7

Winding handle, stick handle rejection stick tail rope, nunchakus connection rope sling wrapped around the bow rope, tying field equipment, tents, rope, etc.

Packing Content:
1x Parachute Cord