Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Gaiters

Waterproof Breathable Outdoor Gaiters

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Although hiking through snow is not the easiest thing to do, it can be an unforgettable experience to wander around an amazing snow-covered landscape. In order to be comfortable and safe on snowy trails you will need some additional equipment such as insulated clothing, winter hiking boots and gaiters. Gaiters are very useful as they prevent snow and dirt from entering your boots – and few things are more annoying than having snow melting inside your boots. Gaiters are worn over the top of your boots and over the lower part of your trouser legs. They are attached to the boots with an instep strap and lace hooks. Additionally they usually have drawcord top closures which ensure that they stay firmly attached to the pants thus preventing snow and dirt from entering between the pants and the gaiters. As gaiters keep your feet warm and dry while hiking in deep snow, they are crucial for comfortable winter trips.


Ardi gaiters are extremely well designed. Because they are very light, they are perfect for ice climbing as well as for other demanding activities on snow-covered slopes. The gaiters are made of a breathable and waterproof 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric. In the boots area they have an abrasion guard made of a welded 600-denier double layer fabric. This sturdy fabric efficiently protects the gaiters against abrasion and tears. 

  • Material:GORE-TEX Waterproof breathable fabric
  • Lenth:40 cm
  • Perimeter: 48 cm
  • Product name:Snow Gaiters
  • Color:Camouflage, Red,Blue
  • Product feature:
    (1)Product Name:  Gaiters
    (2)Color:  Camouflage, Red, Blue
    (3)Material:  GORE-TEX Waterproof Breathable Fabric
    (4)Size:  40*48cm (length*perimeter)