Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

Carp Fishing Bite Alarms

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This is a bite alarm set which include 3pcs fishing alarms and 3pcs swingers in zipped protection case, the bite alarm is a new style with adjustable Volume, Tone, Sensitivity, it is alarming by high output speaker and red Flashing LED when the fish bites.

Its latching LED indicate with RED and GREEN leds, when fishing line drops the red lights flashing, and fishing line pull back the green lights flashing.

Also it has a night light sensor which could turn on the night light automatical in night.

The free 3pcs fishing swingers does not has LED light.


Fishing alarm feature:

1.Adjustable Tone/volume/sensitivity

2.Extra jack for Illuminated swinger

3.Drop back function with RED and GREEN LED.

4. Automatically night light sensor

5. The bite alarm require 1pcs 9V battery(not include)

6. 20 second signal memory