Multi color Ice Towel

Multi color Ice Towel

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Using core technologies and processes, just water, instant cool rapid cooling, have long sustained sense of cold, physical cooling, no pollution, save energy.
Smooth non-stick body, the unique honeycomb-like 3D stereoscopic textile technology, cooling heat while massaging the body. Anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-UV (ultraviolet), anti-static, breathable and quick-drying, especially suitable for outdoor sports, outdoors, engaged in sports, Ms. remover, fever body cooling and other staff personnel. It can be reused. Hot summer, everyone must have.


1, for outdoor: driving, cycling, car batteries, playing, playing, outdoor sports and other physical cooling.
2, for medical: fever physical cooling for the body for summer child sunstroke.
3, for everyday use: outdoor cooling, cooling the kitchen staff, the Defense Department workers under the sun, etc.
Cold, cool sweat correct into the water that can be recycled!