Fire Maple Feast 2 Pot Set

Fire Maple Feast 2 Pot Set

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Feast 2 - suitable for 2-3 people,portable and easy to carrying.Bright color design 

always eye attracting at folding way of handle with lock function,

it promise you good feeling on outdoor cooking.It come with a kettle inside,we 

can say it combine cooking and drinking well to meet different requests at 

outdoors. the whole set includes 1 pot,1 fry-pan, 2 pp bowel,1 sponge & 1 scoop.

1.Feast-2 is the smallest set in all Feast series ,it is suitable for 2-3 people.

2.Portable and easy to carry.

3.Bright color design always eye attracting at outdoor.

4.New folding way of handle with lock function,it promise you good feeling on outdoor cooking.

Package Includes:

  1 x Medium pot 1.5L

  1 x Medium frying pan

  1 x T3 Teapot 0.8L

  2 x Bowls

  1 x Meal spoon

  1 x Scouring pad (White or Blue)

  1 x Storing Bag