Butane Torch and Fire Lighter

This item is a world best seller, absolutely useful whenever you are lighting your gas stove in a snow-covered cabin or igniting a open fire at your favorite camping spot. You will be able to light up from a safer distance than using ordinary matches or firelighters. Can be refilled and burns up to 2 hours continuously.

THE ASTONISHING MICRO BUTANE TORCH, is made from the most superior light-weight materials. Wall thickness: 20 mm,Working pressure: 12Pa,The number of,interchangeable tip: 12,Gas capacity: 6.8g,Time: 45min,Flame temperature: 1250 ,Welding / cutting thickness: 100mm.

RADIANT LIGHTING WITH FLAWLESS FLAMES! Added to your ideal torch with ecstatic light, is a Butane flame that can be adjusted according to your personal needs.

REPAIR, MEND OR COOK WITH YOUR BUTANE TORCH. The possibilities with this small, but exceptional product is endless. Even soldering, plastic binding or cooking can be done with ease.

WINDPROOF FLAMES FOR PRACTICALITY! Even when working outdoors, this splendid micro butane torch can get the job done. Whether it's soldering water pipes or lighting the fire.

Fuel: refillable with butane (not included in product)

Available right now at: goo.gl/GsYrLQ